“Organizations are like a hive, needing a beekeeper to help keep the colony healthy, growing and preparing.  Let us help you get to the honey of your business success. It’s just common sense to find help when, where and at what level you need. Stop doing the same thing expecting new results. Email, text, tweet or just give us a buzz." - David C Carrithers, Chief Beekeeper 

Hive Mission

People, Process, Passion: Experienced individuals helping organizations thrive, by providing solutions, thinking and actions that matter today. 

Businesses, associations and non-profit organizations have many activities, actions and

resources, but if they are not being applied in the right ways, at the right time and with the right level of energy the long-term impact can impact their long term potential.

Beehives and businesses have a great deal in common. Success comes from clarity of focus on the goals and results needed for the colony, the business, to survive. Each member of the team needs to be aligned with the whole colony regarding their roles, the timing of the cycles of work and the threats to the long-term viability of the colony. Always planning for the future, always watching out for the present.